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Software Name Jovision Mobile Phone Viewing New Software-iPhone version Downloads: 5,877 downloads
Software Description

Name: Jovision Mobile Phone Viewing Software-iPhone version

Version: V 6.8.0

Size: 18.2M

Category: Jovision Mobile Viewing Software


The quality of picture is improved significantly.

Supports network plug n play function, and get the number of channels automatically.

Supports snapshot function, snapshot with sound tips. Snapshot methods: single continuous shutter, three at a time, or five at a time.

Supports wheel show function, the channels of wheel show is without limit.

Supports adaptive language according to the mobile O/S, and manual switch language.

Supports PTZ function, and long-press function.

Adds the tips when connecting vis GPRS.

Adds the function of IP address detection in Lan, which improves the connection efficiency in Lan.